What’s The Difference Between Financial And Management Accounting?

You’re running a business, so you know the legal requirements around producing accounts and submitting tax returns. But do you truly know WHY you’ve engaged an accountant? And do you understand the ...
Tax Audit

What To Do If You Get a Tax Audit

No business owner looks forward to a letter from the taxman requesting a closer look at the books. If you’ve received a  tax audit letter – an official request by the tax authority to review your ...
Business Intelligence Dashboard

The Advantages Of A Business Dashboard

Business dashboards are a valuable business intelligence tool, offering an “at-a-glance” big picture view of a company’s performance. Some business owners use a dashboard to track KPIs relevant to ...
Paypal payment

Four Paypal Alternatives To Send And Receive Money Online

PayPal is the world leading online payment service. You can transfer money to and from your bank account, pay for goods, and even receive payments worldwide. It’s a useful tool for entrepreneurs, ...
Risk Control

Five Effective Risk Control Strategies

Dealing with risk is an inherent aspect of business management. The way you prepare for risk is the most important factor in determining the longevity of your enterprise. Businesses of all sizes have ...
Cash flow banner

How Cash Flow Forecasts Can Help Your Business

Managing cash flow is a vital part of running a successful business. Some business owners think managing cash simply means keeping track of how much money enters and leaves their business, but there’s ...


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