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With Receipt Bank, say goodbye to the mess

As a business owner, you may have found the accounting and bookkeeping aspect of your business distracting. Even annoying.

Collecting receipts and tracking invoices is a burden while you’re putting all your energy into business growth. With all those bits and pieces of paper floating around, reconciliation is stressful.

Receipt Bank is a cloud-based app that automates the posting of supplier invoices, receipts and employee expenses so you don’t have to manually enter a thing.

Accessible from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, it will make your accounting and bookkeeping challenges disappear.


Receipt Bank saves you time, money and resources

In the past you’ve collected piles of receipts and invoices, over months and months or even years. You’ve stored them somehow. In a wallet. A folder. A shoebox. A filing cabinet. Somewhere.

When tax time rears its ugly head, you account for every last dollar spent by going through the endless stack of paper and recording figures manually. Or you give it to your accountant who charges you a small fortune to go through it for you.

It’s a time consuming, time wasting, resource eating process. And the worst part is, the chance of error is high. It’s easy to miss a crucial zero or two when working through hundreds of receipts.

With Receipt Bank’s cloud technology, all receipts and invoices can quickly be communicated to your accountant –

  • As a photo via the mobile app
  • In an email OR
  • Uploaded straight into Receipt Bank online

And based on the rules you create, expense data is automatically sent to the expense account of your choice with zero human touch.

With expense information exactly where you want it when you want it, making updates to your financials as you spend will be a cinch for your accountant.

No fuss, no stress, no mess.


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Receipt Bank helps you keep an eye on your team’s expenses

Every year, employees around the world lose thousands or even tens of thousands in unclaimed expenses. With employees on the road spending on behalf of your company, this is an easy trap to fall into.

Receipt Bank lets you add teams of people to your account so expense reports are always up to date. You no longer need to wait until the end of a quarter, or end of a financial year to analyse and check on employee spending and company cash flow.

A simple but beautifully designed dashboard feature lets you see everything happening as it happens. You’re always on top of your numbers and always in control of your business.


Image of Receipt Bank Dashboard



Receipt Bank integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online

With Receipt Bank you can adjust dates, currencies, tax rates (depending on location) and even mark if a receipt has been paid or not, before publishing to Xero or QuickBooks Online.

Quick and easy.



Try Receipt Bank with LinSon Business Consulting

For ease of use and a streamlined, simpler expense recording process, Receipt Bank is an invaluable tool. We love working with it and we know you will too.

If you’re interested in learning more about Receipt Bank, we’d love to give you a full demo.

Just get in touch for more information.

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